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The Word Imparts Faith


The Word Imparts Faith

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

God’s Word is trustworthy and infallible; you can stake your life on it. But you can’t rely on or trust in something you don’t know about. You can only have faith in something you have information on.

For instance, if I made you a promise that I’d give you a car-gift tomorrow, you’d have faith for the car because the information has bolstered your hope; I’ve given you the reason to expect a car tomorrow. And because you trust my word, you’d move from mere “hope” to the confident assurance that, come what may, you’re going to have a car tomorrow.

Though you haven’t even seen it yet, you’d immediately start sharing your testimony of a new car, just because I said, “I have a car for you.” Faith came to you because of what I said, which you heard. If I didn’t say anything, or even if I said it, but you didn’t hear it, you wouldn’t have had faith to the point of telling your friends, “I now have a car.”

That’s how it is with God’s Word. Information from God’s Word will cause you to have faith in God. That’s what we read in our opening verse: faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. The Word produces and imparts faith to your spirit. You don’t have to struggle or try to make it happen; just hear the Word, and faith will be stirred in your spirit.

You may have noticed that, sometimes, as you listen to God’s Word, maybe while in church or during your personal study, all the challenges you may have been facing suddenly seem like nothing. The reason is, when the Word of God enters your spirit, it sparks up faith in you. The Word becomes real in your spirit, giving you a sense of victory and dominion.


Dear Father, I thank you for your Word is living and active in me. I’m born of the Word; therefore, I live by the Word. As I study and meditate on the Word, my life is improved, from glory to glory, and the blessings of acting on the Word are evidently manifest in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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1 Timothy 4:15

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Hebrews 3 Jeremiah 38-40


John 9:18-27 1 Chronicles 3

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