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Saturday, January 13th

(Get Your Spirit Charged At All Times)

TO THE BIBLE: Matthew 6:6

“...When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”


Mason always had miraculous happenings and signs in his day-to-day affairs. People around him often wondered, “What’s his secret? He’s always so cheerful, and never lets anything get him down.” What was Mason’s secret, you ask? Every morning before he set out, he would spend enough time to pray in other tongues and get himself charged for the day. And certainly, his words and actions were always backed up by the power of the Spirit.

Some people only engage in praying when they’re in some form of predicament, but that’s not the way it should be. You ought to get your spirit charged at all times by spending time in fellowship with the Lord through prayer. God wants us to be bold and stirred, ever before we come against adverse circumstances. He wants your “batteries” charged up by the anointing ever before you hit the streets, so that when you come out, you’re already dressed with the power of the Holy Ghost; you’d be drenched in the unction. If you make this a consistent practice, nothing and no one will ever be able to successfully withstand or defeat you, for the anointing makes you invincible.

When the anointing in you is stirred, having spent quality time in your closet charging up your spirit, people might not immediately recognise it on you when you come out; because you’re calm, well dressed and got a smile on. But the opportunity to manifest the anointing will present itself when you find yourself in a tight situation. No matter what kind of situation it is, you’ll know it’s a done deal because you already settled it in your closet. Speaking in tongues is one sure way to get your spirit charged at all times and stir up the anointing in you. Consciously practise this every day; before you go out, get your spirit charged and the challenges you face will be bread for you.

Go Deeper

Micah 3:8; James 5:17-18; Jude 1:20


The power of God is resident in my spirit, and as I stir it up today by speaking in other tongues, the anointing wells up from within me and overwhelms me, thus making me impregnable to every negative force. Hallelujah!

Daily Bible Reading


Matthew 10:1-23, Genesis 31-33


Matthew 5:41-48, Genesis 13


Spend at least fifteen minutes, stirring up yourself in the Holy Ghost, by speaking in other tongues right now.


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